Howto: Register Firefox Portable as the default Windows browser

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Ramesh has written some instructions detailing how to register Firefox Portable as the default browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista. He uses a utility called DefaultBrowser to define the default browser in XP, and uses a tool called RegisterFirefoxPortable to do the same in Vista. This is pretty slick, something I’ve been thinking about doing for […]

Viewing Firefox’s Super Cookies

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Pascal has a nice short post on Firefox’s “super cookies” and the information contained inside the browser’s DOM storage. He does a nice job describing comparing Adobe’s Flash local storage to this storage technology, and gives examples of how to view this data using sqlite3 in Unbuntu. If you’re running Windows, you can try the […]

Major Websense Content Filter Bypass Vulnerability

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I almost missed this Websense vulnerability, since it was published 12-21-2007, while I was on vacation. I’ve verified it works on one of my client’s networks using Firefox Portable, Websense 6.1.1, ISA Server 2004 Standard, and User Agent Switcher 0.6.10. Mr HinkyDink, who discovered the issue used Websense 6.3.1, so I’m sure other Websense […]

Firefox 2.x and excessive memory consumption

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I usually have a lot of tabs open in Firefox while I work. I’ve noticed (as have many others) excessive memory consumption by the browser at times. Right now firefox.exe is using 121,484K with only 9 tabs open. I rebooted first thing this morning, and I’ve had Firefox running for only about four hours. Most […]

Aardvark: A practical application for this Firefox add-on extension

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Today, While I surfing instead of finishing a report I have to present Monday, I came across the Aardvark extension for Firefox. This add-on allows you to remove excess clutter from web pages so they look cleaner, print faster, and consume less ink. For my example I took this web page and decided to remove […]