Howto: Authenticate to eDirectory via the Novell Client, command line style

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I have a backup script that runs on a Windows 2003 server that requires Novell client authentication.  Here’s how to authenticate to eDirectory via the command line, which means it’s scriptable!  The syntax is: c:\windows\system32\LOGINW32.EXE  .user.ou.o /PWD password /CONT Alternatively, you could map a drive to an eDirectory server (Netware, SLES Linux or Windows), which […]

Creating eDirectory SSL certificates with alternate names to use across round robin DNS load balanced web servers

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We have three internal Apache web servers that we use for Groupwise webaccess 7.0.3.  Each server will be accessed acrossed our intranet via round robin DNS at https://webaccess/gw/webacc for email.  When users currently access this URL they are getting Internet Explorer Security Alerts, stating:   The name on the security cerrtificate is invalid or does not […]

“Error -618 – The Server has detected an inconsistent database” when trying to view an eDirectory object’s properties in ConsoleOne

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When trying to view a Groupwise Distribution List in ConsoleOne, I received the following error:   -618  The Server has detected an inconsistent database. Usually this means that the number of entries in a container does not match the number stored in the container’s entry   This message indicates an eDirectory problem.  To repair this object, […]

Howto: Find eDirectory SSL certificates and determine when they expire

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I’ve recently experienced some challenges releated to expired eDirectory SSL certificated on my Netware and OES servers.  I came across TIDs 10098567 and 3814248, which describe methods of querying eDirectory via LDAP to find expired or soon to be expired certificates.   I was going to give these methods a try until I realized they required adding […]

novell-scrub.sh – use when you really, really, really want to get rid of eDirectory

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Earlier I detailed a method for re-installing eDirectory from a difficult SLES 10 SP2 server.  Sometimes even this method doesn’t work, and you have to resort to using novell-scrub.sh to totally remove eDirectory from the server before it can be reinstalled. WARNING:  THIS SCRIPT WILL REMOVE EDIRECTORY AND ALL IT’S COMPONENTS (CONSOLEONE, GROUPWISE, ETC) SO USE WITH […]

Error reinstalling eDirectory on SLES 10: Installing NDSserv… Unable to install

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Error received when I was reinstalling eDirectory on SLES 10: Installing NDSserv… Unable to install NDSserv-8-7-3-37.i386.rpm, exiting To fix this error:  1) Rename the /usr/lib/nds-modules directory /usr/lib/nds-modules.old: mv /usr/lib/nds-modules /usr/lib/nds-modules.bad   2) re-run  ./nds-install                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3) copy original /usr/lib/nds-modules.old files back to /usr/lib/nds-modules after installation completes: cp /usr/lib/nds-modules.bad/* /usr/lib/nds-modules/

Howto: Export Novell Netware users using LDAP

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Right before leaving my previous job I was helping a school migrate from Novell Netware 6.5 to Microsoft Windows Server 2008.  They had many users they wanted to export from eDirectory and import into Active Directory. To perform this task, I used the ldifde utility.  The single command I used to dump the users follows […]

Howto: repair eDirectory on a SLES server

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ndsrepair allows you to maintain and repair the eDirectory database of a Novell eDirectory tree.  ndsrepair is the linux equivalent of Netware’s dsrepair tool. To run ndsrepair on a SLES 10 SP1 server,  from a terminal window type: ndsrepair You can find the entire list of command line options applicable to ndsrepair here at the Novell eDirectory […]

Howto: Determine the version of eDirectory in SLES 10 SP1

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To determine the version of eDirectory running on a SLES 10 SP1 server,  from a terminal window type: ndsd –version or ndsrepair -T or ndsstat The ndsstat utility displays information related to Novell eDirectory servers. The utility displays the eDirectory tree name, the fully distinguished server name, the eDirectory version, and the RootMostEntryDepth. The RootMostEntryDepth […]

Howto: Remove eDirectory from a SLES 9 SP3 server

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I’ve decided to format our SLES 9 SP3 server and put a nice, fresh installation of SLES 10.1/OES2 onto it. Before I can do that though, I need to remove the SLES server and it’s replicas from eDirectory. From a console session on the SLES server, run the following command (logged in as root): ndsconfig […]