Windows Vista and memory related performance problems

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Since I built my new computer this past February, I’ve encountered periodic memory related errors. I have 4GB of RAM and a fancy new AMD X2 CPU running Windows Vista Business, but I kept receiving errors that I couldn’t start new processes due to a lack of resources. Task Manager showed I was only using […]

Howto: Enable logging on Zenworks for Desktops Windows clients

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I was experiencing some weirdness when applying user policies to my Windows XP SP2 admin machines today. For some strange reason yet to be determined, administrators were locked out of almost everything in XP despite having a wide open user policy, and no workstation policies defined for their machines. We had correctly configured the search […]

Cannot connect to Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server running on Windows 2000

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I have one user who could not connect to our Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server from her home. She could connect just fine from other machines, and no other users were experiencing the problem, so I was confident the issue was with her personal computer. She was running Windows XP Home, and every time she successfully […]

Howto: Gather troubleshooting information for OES/SLES Linux using Novell’s supportconfig tool

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Novell released two new Linux troubleshooting tools this week (See TID 3513679 for details).  One is specific only to NSS volumes on OES clusters, while the other, supportconfig, gathers all types of information about your server. Getting started with supportconfig is really simple.  Download the rpm, then install it using the following syntax from a […]

Problems with Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 – connecting to Exchange 2003 SP2 in cached mode over the Internet

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My hard drive died in my home computer about two weeks ago. Rather than reinstall Windows XP SP2, I went ahead and installed Windows Vista 64-bit. Everything has been great, with the exception of not being able to connect to my corporate Exchange server (running SP2 on SBS 2003). I was able to connect from […]

Identifying processes running as svchost.exe

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I have previously written about experiences with systems becoming unresponsive and reporting svchost.exe utilizing 99% of the CPU. Since so many different .dll’s run as this generic host process, identifying exactly which program is the cause of the high CPU usage is often difficult. According to KB314056, the Svchost.exe file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 […]

OES Linux: YaST Install and Remove Software hangs at Checking Dependencies

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Last week I completed a fresh install of Novell’s OES Linux from the SP2 .iso CDs, and used rug to update the server with all the available patches. I needed to install NSS, so I went into YaST to add the software, but the server kept hanging at the checking dependencies screen. Rebooting the server […]

Windows Server 2003 Event: 1056 Source: DHCPserver

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A Windows 2003 SP1 DHCP server on one of my client’s network just started getting the following error in the server’s system log all of a sudden: “The DHCP service has detected that it is running on a DC and has no credentials configured for use with Dynamic DNS registrations initiated by the DHCP service. […]

IMF still updating through Automatic Updates despite being disabled

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I have a strong belief that thou shall not allow Automatic Updates (AU) to be automatically installed on Windows servers. 95% of the time the updates are just fine, but that other 5% can be quite painful. Last night I installed KB927891 that AU had downloaded. AU actually downloaded two updates, but the one for […]

WSUS diagnostic tools

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I’ve had a hellish upgrade experience from Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 2.0 to 3.0, which I’ll write about when (if?) I ever resolve it. I suspect my issues are due to an incompatibility with an existing application on the WSUS server that uses MSDE, but supposedly this problem shouldn’t happen. In the meantime, if […]