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CMU announces free Firefox add-on to increase browser security against DNS flaw and digital signature problems

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Carnegie-Mellon University is making available a free add-on for Firefox 3.0 that’s intended to increase browser security. The Firefox add-on was developed at the university’s School of Computer Science and College of Engineering and is available for free download. The Perspectives software not only protects Firefox users against attacks that might occur because of the recently disclosed […]

Improving the Firefox experience with CustomizeGoogle

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CustomizeGoogle is a great Firefox extension I’ve recently started using. It does exactly what the name suggests by allowing the user to set many Google related preferences. Check out the two minute movie that shows how easy it is to install and configure. The CustomizeGoogle web site describes the extension as “CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox […]

Firefox 2.x and excessive memory consumption

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I usually have a lot of tabs open in Firefox while I work. I’ve noticed (as have many others) excessive memory consumption by the browser at times. Right now firefox.exe is using 121,484K with only 9 tabs open. I rebooted first thing this morning, and I’ve had Firefox running for only about four hours. Most […]

Howto: Reset Internet Explorer 7 to default settings using RIES

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Ever since I installed’s Buttons for IE extension, I’ve had problems editing web pages that run scripts, like the editor I run this blog on!  I haven’t had problems with this extension on other computers I run IE7 on, so I figured something just must be corrupted with the installation. I tried disabling the program […]

Internet Explorer: “Click to Activate and use this Control” results in blank browser window

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Certain computers were getting the “Click to Activate and use this Control” prompt when attempting to view reports generated by an .asp script on one of our software provider’s web server. Even after clicking the new window, the window was blank, as in a totally white browser window. Hitting the space bar or enter key […]

Google Gears feeds my Google Reader addiction

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I love Google Reader (but apparently not as much as Robert Scoble). If I have a few spare minutes (like waiting for a server to reboot!) I’m always scanning through my RSS feeds. Gears is Google’s latest invention. It’s still in beta, so it’s not perfect, but it is an open source browser extension that […]