Fix BlackBerry “No Available Message Stores” Synchronization Error

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Recently, I was trying to sync my BlackBerry with my Windows PC running Microsoft Outlook. I ran into a bit of a problem and kept getting the following error messages below from the Microsoft Outlook Connector: No Available Message Stores I was using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and would get this annoying error message […]

SQL query to find BES UserID

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Had a support call today about a user not receiving email on his Blackberry device.  After a phone call to Research in Motion, we determined the user was out of the coverage area.  Very frustrating.  All the information was in the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s MAGT log, I just didn’t know how to find it.  Here’s […]

How to remotely wipe a media card in a BlackBerry smartphone

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I was very excited to see the KB17776 article released by Research In Motion today entitled How to remotely wipe an installed microSD media card in a BlackBerry smartphone.  Just yesterday we had a Storm stolen, and I was wondering how to wipe the media card. Unfortunately, this has to be the most useless KB article […]

Fix: Blackberry Media Manager exits with R6025 pure virtual function call error

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My Blackberry Media Manager kept exiting on me when trying to access the Media stored on my Blackberry Storm.  The specific error was: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library X Runtime Error! Program: C:\program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\Mediamanager9.exe R6025 – pure virtual function call The problem ended up being that the RoxMediaDB9 service was disabled. I changed the […]

SQL Query to determine Blackberry MDS Services administration password

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I was troubleshooting a Blackberry Manager problem today that required the BES MDS credentials.  The admin thought he knew what the credentials were, but wasn’t sure.  So I wrote the following SQL query and ran it against the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s BesMgmt database to get the user name and password:   Use BesMgmt select WSAdminUserName, WSAdminPassword from […]

Fix: HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large on Blackberry

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I was attempting to load a rather large web page on my Blackberry today, and received  the following error:  HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large on Blackberry   Here’s how I fixed it.   Open Blackberry Manager, selected the affected Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Highlight servername_MDS-CS_1 Select the Connections Tab and click Edit Properties […]


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Found the following messages in my Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 MAGT log file this morning.  I hadn’t noticed them previously, so I did some digging to find out their origin. CheckNewMbSyncRecords() MISSED MAIL ITEM ARRIVED FOR INACTIVE OR NON-EXISTANT USER, Id=73 CALENDAR UPDATE REQUESTED FOR INACTIVE OR NON-EXISTANT USER, Id=73 Wrote a quick SQL query that […]

Howto: Export a list of all BES users via the Blackberry Manager tool

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A supervisor requested a list of all Blackberry Enterprise Server users in our organization.  I knew if I had the BES resource kit installed I could provide management with a number of reports, but I didn’t have time to go through that process.  Here’s how I quickly exported the list of users through Blackberry Manager […]

Fix: Cannot find Groupwise users to add to the Blackberry Enterprise Server

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A user was recently having issues with his Groupwise email on his Blackberry, so our BES admin planned on removing him from BES, then re-adding him.  Removing the user was no problem, but the admin was quite suprised to find out he could not re-add the user.  When searching for the user to add, the […]

After upgrading to BES 4.1.3 or higher for Groupwise, excessive GWXMLData::ContactSyncRecordToXML warnings appear in the Windows Application log

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Blackberry KB15941 exlains that starting with BES 4.1, additional warnings are logged to the Blackberry Messaging and Windows Application log.  These warnings are informational in nature, and do not indicate a problem. If you’d like to reduce or eliminate these messages, KB04342 says to edit the EventLogLevel DWORD value  of the appropriate BES service located […]