Fix: Can’t remove server from Backup Exec selection list

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One of our Backup Exec 11d jobs failed last night with the following error in the Backup Exec job log: Final error: 0xe000846b – The resource could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent. Make sure that the correct version of the Remote Agent […]

Enabling Backup Exec remote agent debug logging on Novell Netware

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We’ve been experiencing issues with some of our Backup Exec 9 remote agents losing their connections to media server during backup.  The Backup Exec server job logs report the following generic error: Final error: 0xa000fe30 – A communications failure has occurred. To help troubleshoot this problem, I decided to enable debugging on the Backup Exec remote […]

Howto: Enable debug logging for Backup Exec for Windows Servers

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You can temporarily enable Backup Exec debug logging by adding the -debug start parameter to the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers service. This is a temporary setting that will be reset when the services are cycled or at the next server reboot.  To enable debug logging permanently, see the second section that details […]

FIX: Event ID: 57860 “An error occurred while attempting to log in to the following server… SQL error number: “0011” is seen when backing up a server with SQL installed

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Exact Error Message Event ID: 57860 Source: Backup Exec Type: Error Description: An error occurred while attempting to log in to the following server: “SERVERNAME”. SQL error number: “0011”. SQL error message: “[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied   Details:   This error will occur when performing any type of backup on […]

Howto: Export IIS 7.0 web server configuration

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To export a backup copy of your IIS 7.0 configuration on a Windows 2008 Server: Open Server Manager Expand Roles – Web Server (IIS) – Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Highlight the web server name From the Management category, double click Shared Configuration Under Actions, select Export Configuration. Accept or change the default export path […]

Howto: Backup IIS 7.0 web server configuration

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To backup your IIS 7.0 configuration on a Windows 2008 Server, you just need to make a copy of the \windows\system32\inetsrv\config directory (and subdirectories) and save it in a safe location. You can also use the appcmd.exe utility to create the backup via the command line. The syntax to create a backup is: %windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe add […]

Converting Backup Exec 11d job logs into .txt or .html files

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Backup Exec 11d saves it’s jobs logs as .xml files by default. Symantec Document ID 287036 describes how to use the bemcmd.exe program to save the .xml job log as a text or html file. The default location of bemcmd.exe is the \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec directory on the drive the software is installed. To convert […]

Howto: Stop Backup Exec from failing entire backup jobs when corrupt files are encountered

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Here is the registry entry to stop Backup Exec from failing backup jobs when corrupt files are encountered [For Backup Exec versions 9x and 10x] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\Backup Exec\Engine\Backup [For Backup Exec versions 11x and 12x] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SYMANTEC\Backup Exec for Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Backup On the menu bar, select Edit | Add Value In the Value name field, type in […]

Script to backup Groupwise configuration files on Netware Part I

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I performed a Groupwise 6.5 to 7.0.3 upgrade this weekend on the domain and post office servers, and wrote a quick script to backup the agent configuration files.  It’s not a pretty script, but I wrote it in about 10 minutes and it worked on all my Netware servers.  I call this script part I […]

Howto: Export 3com 4xxx family switch configurations to a text file for backup and change management

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I have been using RANCID to monitor my Cisco routers and switches for changes to their configurations.  If you’re not familiar with RANCID, has a very detailed tutorial that shows how to setup RANCID on Fedora Linux. I was hoping to use RANCID to monitor for changes to my 3com 4050 and 4060 building […]