Direct patch download links for MS10-002 KB978207

Microsoft had released the out of band patch to resolve Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, see KB978207 and MS10-002 for additional details.

The patches for IE6, IE7, and IE8 are available on Windows Update and Microsoft Update.  Unfortunately for me, our business proxy blocks access to these sites.  We also have to go through a corporate vulnerability rating process, and if the vulnerability rates severe enough, a deployment plan will be developed, and tested, and scheduled…. long story short, without intervention on my part, it will be a long time until my machine sees any critical updates.

The ISC has rated this vulnerability at it’s highest risk level, PATCH NOW!

I manually downloaded the patch from the Microsoft download site.  You can find the patch for all OSs and versions of IE here.

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  1. Hi Julie. Your company seems pretty inflexible (even unreasonable) in responding to an “critical” situation. Have you addressed the fact that your proxies prevent you from getting to Microsoft and the overly burdensome patching process? I guess this would be acceptable in some situations, but it shouldn’t be most.

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