SQL query to find BES UserID

Had a support call today about a user not receiving email on his Blackberry device.  After a phone call to Research in Motion, we determined the user was out of the coverage area.  Very frustrating.  All the information was in the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s MAGT log, I just didn’t know how to find it.  Here’s how I figured it out.

Previously I had posted the following SQL query that determines a user’s name based upon the BES ID number.

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (Id = ‘73′)

I changed the query around to find the BES UserID based upon the UserName:

SELECT     Id, DisplayName, UserName
FROM         UserConfig
WHERE     (UserName = ‘jsmith’)

This query gave me the BES UserID, which was 779 in my case.

I then opened up the BES MAGT log, and searched for the following string:

UserId: 779 is out of coverage

I found it repeatedly.  My user was out of coverage all day, which is why no mail  was received on his Blackberry.

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  1. The way I do it, is ask the user if they can see the BlackBerry “Berries” in the Wireless Status indicator area.

    If they have not, we’ll try and get them working with a WiFI connection for email. (http://bit.ly/epEvJ)

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