Fix: Blackberry Media Manager exits with R6025 pure virtual function call error

My Blackberry Media Manager kept exiting on me when trying to access the Media stored on my Blackberry Storm.  The specific error was:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library X Runtime Error!

Program: C:\program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\Mediamanager9.exe

R6025 – pure virtual function call

The problem ended up being that the RoxMediaDB9 service was disabled.

I changed the service from disabled to manual (could have been set to automatic if I wanted it to start following each reboot), started the RoxMediaDB9 service, which allowed Media Manager to start without issue.

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  1. I also have had problems opening media manager and get the same message as you..r6025 pure virtual call. as a technophobe-what do i do next to make this programe work?

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