Fix: Groupwise alarms not working

I had one user who was not receiving Groupwise calendar alarms. Groupwise backend is version 7.0.3HP2, user’s client is GW656UP3.  The problem was observed from different machines for this user.  Other user’s could login to the affected Groupwise client and were able to receive alarm notification, so we knew the problem was with this user’s mailbox.  

I had previously run GWcheck’s on the user’s mailbox, first with Analyze/Fix Databases Structure, then Analyze/Fix Databases with Contents, but this did not resolve the problem.  Here’s how I ultimately resolved her issue:
1.  Run a Gwcheck on the user mailbox with Structure and Fix Problems selected.  Run until zero errors are reported.
2.  Run a Gwcheck on the user database.  This is the userxxx.db file, where xxx is the account’s three letter FID.  Uncheck Structure, select Contents.  Do NOT select fix problems.  On the MISC cab, enter DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS.
3.  Run a Gwcheck on ther userxxx.db database.   Uncheck Structure, select Contents.  This time, select Fix Problems.  On the MISC cab, enter DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS.
4.  One more time, run a Gwcheck on the userxxx.db file.  Uncheck Structure, select Contents.  Do NOT select Fix Problems.  On the MISC cab, enter DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS.
5.  Finally, I had to re-setup the user’s notification list.  To do this, in the Groupwise client go to Tools > Options > Security > Notify.  Add the user to the notification list, and then select the two boxes to subscribe to Alarms and Notifications.
According to TID 10074300, running gwcheck with the DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS without fix problems does something different that running it with fix problems selected.  The TID specifically states:
If fix problems is not selected, it removes problem subscription records from the users database that have been know to cause problems with alarms.  With the fix problems selected, it removes a different type of problem records that cause problems with Notify.  It might be helpful to run it both ways.
This was the first time I had heard of running DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS without Fix Problems selected actually removing subscription records.

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  1. Thanks! One of my users had the same problem, and after eventually realizing that it was a problem with his GW account, rather than with his workstation, Bing pointed me at your site, and his problem was fixed 20 minutes later!

  2. Thanks! I successfully used this solution to also repair this error:

    Problem 102 – contact folders are out of sync with address books

    Symptom: In the Folder list, my personal address book was not displayed as a Contact folder.

  3. I have a question and a comment. Step 2 and Step 4 are the same – are they meant to be, or is something missing? Also, a typo… “on the MISC cab” should be “tab” I think.

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