Fix for VMWare error: Could not open virtual machine, this virtual machine appears to be in use

This morning I received the following error when trying to power on a VMware Workstation virtual machine:

Could not open virtual machine: C:\VMs\Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.vmx. This virtual machine appears to be in use.

To resolve the issue, I deleted all of the .lck files and directories in the guest’s directory listed above. This allowed me to start my VM. I encounter this error from time to time, yet always forget how to resolve it.

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  1. Hi there,

    It works, but…
    A couple of minutes after the virtual machine, VMware displays a message…
    Somthing about the directory already exists, bla bla,
    do you want to overwrite? [YES] or [NO]
    Which one should I choose?
    (I will try to give you the exact message in a few minutes)

  2. thank you, I was having this problem for the last 2 months!

  3. Man, awesome, very simple and effective, thank you very much!

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