Groupwise Appointments are off by one hour after Daylight Savings Time change

We have five Groupwise post offices running Groupwise 7.0.3 HP1.  Four servers are in the Eastern time zone, one is in the Central time zone.  After this past Sunday’s change to Daylight Savings Time, some users are reporting their appointment times are off by an hour.

We verified the servers, post offices, consoleone, and workstations all had the correct time zones set.  Groupwise saves appointment information in UTC, then coverts to local time via the workstation clock, so we figured the problem had to with a local computer setting.

On the workstation of an affected user I downloaded Microsoft’s TZedit.exe utility and manually inspected the start and end dates for DST.  The start date was set to first Sunday in April, and the end date was set to last  Sunday in October, which were the old start/end dates.

I used TZedit.exe to change the start date to second Sunday of March, and the end date to first Sunday in November for each applicable time zone.  This corrected the problem for all new appointments, but does not correct pre-existing appoinments inside the change window.  These appointments need to be adjusted manually, or an administrator can use Novell’s Groupwise DST Adjuster Tool to adjust  the majority (but not all) affected appointments.

For more Groupwise specific DST information see Novell TIDs 3802376 and TID 3094409.  For detailed information on how to adjust the Windows workstation time zone definitions and TZedit.exe see Microsoft KB 914387.

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