Fix: Cannot find Groupwise users to add to the Blackberry Enterprise Server

A user was recently having issues with his Groupwise email on his Blackberry, so our BES admin planned on removing him from BES, then re-adding him.  Removing the user was no problem, but the admin was quite suprised to find out he could not re-add the user.  When searching for the user to add, the user was not found. 

I found RIM KB12111, which describes running GWSystemAddressBookSync.exe manually to resynchronize the Blackberry Configuration Database with the Groupwise System Address Book.  By default this process runs every 12 hours.
The user in question was not a new user, but running the manual synchronization allowed the BES admin to find the user and re-add him onto BES.
By default you can find the GWSystemAddressBookSync.exe program in the C:\Program Files\Research in Motion\Blackberry Enterprise Server directory on the BES server.  Run the .exe from the command prompt and wait for the process to finish.  

My BES is version 4.1.14 with 180 users, and my Groupwise System is version 7.0.3 hot patch 1 with 2600 users, and the sync process took about 14 minutes to complete when run during production hours.

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