Running the Groupwise 7 Monitor Agent as a Windows Service

Getting the Groupwise Monitor agent, gwmon.exe, running as a Windows service has been on my to do list for quite a while now.  I don’t understand why Novell doesn’t build this functionality into the product.  Here’s how I went about running the GW703HP1 agent as a service on my Windows Server 2003 R2 box.

First, install the Groupwise Monitor 7 Agent onto the Windows Server.  I installed this to the d:\gwmon directory.
Next, download the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools.  Extract and copy the instsrv.exe and srvany.exe files onto the Windows Server.  I put these files in the d:\service directory.
Launch a command prompt as a user with administrator credentials.  Change to the directory that you put instsrv.exe into, d:\services in my case.  Type:
instsrv gwmon d:\services\srvany.exe
where gwmon is the name you’d like your service to be named.  Note that you have to specify the full path to srvany.exe.
Run regedit, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\gwmon
If you didn’t name your service gwmon, navigate to
Right click gwmon and select New > Key
Name the new key Parameters
Right click Parameters and select New > String Value
Name the new String Value Application
Edit the Application String, and in the box enter the full path to gwmon.exe.  In my case I entered:
Right click the Parameters key and select New > String Value
Name the new String Value AppParameters
Edit the AppParameters String, and in the box enter any startup parameters you specify when starting gwmon.exe manually.  In my case I entered:
/lang-us /home-\\gwpo5\gwdompri /httpuser-groupwise /httppassword-gwpass
This string specifies the following:
/lang-us = us english language
/home-\\gwpo5\gwdompri = path to my Groupwise primary domain
/httpuser-groupwise = the user “groupwise” that I login to agents as
/httppassword-gwpass = the password for the “groupwise” user account
Since I’m connecting to my primary domain that is located on another server,  I chose to use an Active Directory service account to run the service as.  To change the account:
Start > Run > services.msc
Edit the properties of the gwmon service
On the Log On tab, I specified “This Account
I specified the account as, and entered the password twice.  After applying my changes, I was notified that the account had been granted logon as a service account.
I started the service, and was able to access Groupwise monitor at http://serverIP/gw/gwmonitor. I then restarted the server to verify the service started up as expected.
Thanks to Martin Zinaich for his cool solution these instructions are based upon.
Beware of using older versions of instsrv.exe, like is referenced in Martin’s article.  I had a version on a Windows 2000 server that I tried to make work, but I had to use the newer version for it to work on Window Server 2003.

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