Converting Backup Exec 11d job logs into .txt or .html files

Backup Exec 11d saves it’s jobs logs as .xml files by default. Symantec Document ID 287036 describes how to use the bemcmd.exe program to save the .xml job log as a text or html file.

The default location of bemcmd.exe is the \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec directory on the drive the software is installed.

To convert the job log D:\Backup Exec\Data\BEX_BKP2_08574.xml into a .html file named dailydiff.html, run the following from a command prompt where bemcmd.exe is located (type as one line):

bemcmd -o31 -l”dailydiff.html” -s1 -f”D:\Backup Exec\Data\BEX_BKP2_08574.xml”

To save the same BEX_BKP2_08574.xml log file as a text file the command would be (again, typed as a single line):

bemcmd -o31 -l”dailydiff.txt” -s0 -f”D:\Backup Exec\Data\BEX_BKP2_08574.xml”

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