Howto: Enable SSL on Windows Media Services Web Administration Site running on Windows 2008 / IIS 7.0

The Windows Media Services (Web) web site does not use encrypted connections by default. Here’s how to enable SSL on the administration web site.

1. In Server Manager, expand Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Internet Information Services (IIS Manager). Highlight the IIS 7.0 web server

2. Under Security, Select Server Certificates

3. On the Actions pane on the right hand side, select Create Self-Signed Certificate. Give the certificate a firendly name like wmsadmin > OK

4. In IIS Manager, highlight the Windows Media Administration Site. On the Actions pane on the right hand side, select Bindings

5. Highlight the existing http binding for port 8080, which is the port the Windows Media Administration Site runs on. Click Edit Binding. Change this port to a different number, such as 8081 and press OK. Make sure this port does not conflict with any other ports the server may be utilizing.

6. Click the Add button and specify the following parameters:

  • Under Type, select https
  • Under IP Address, select the IP Address the Windows Media Administration Site runs on
  • Under port, enter 8080
  • Under SSL Certificate, select the self-signed certificate you created above.
  • Click OK twice

7. Launch Internet Explorer and verify you can access the Windows Media Administration Site at where is the IP Address of the IIS server that the Windows Media Administration Site runs on.

For additional details on enabling SSL on a IIS 7.0 web site see ScottGu’s post, which includes clear directions and pretty pictures.

FWIW there does not appear to be an easy way to automatically redirect http traffic to a secure site. Raoul did post some workarounds that may work, but I have yet to try them personally. KB 839357 is an alternative that uses the same idea of using custom error pages to redirect the user.

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