Howto: Delegate administrative rights to Windows Media Services Web Administration to non-admins

As an administrator, follow these steps to delegate administrative rights to Windows Media Services Web Administration to non-admins. This has been tested on a server running Windows Server 2008.

1. Create a local, non-administrator group that is named WMS Local Administrators on the server computer that is running Windows Media Services. Add the user account that you want to delegate the administration task to to this newly created local group

2. Click Start > Run

3. Type dcomcnfg

4. Expand Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config

5. Right Click Windows Media Services > Properties > Security

6. Edit Access Permissions and add the WMS Local Administrators group to the Access Permission list

7. Click OK twice and close the DCOMcnfg box

8. Restart the Windows Media Services service

You should now be able to access the Windows Media Services Web administration tool at by using the user account that is the member of the WMS Local Administrators group, where is the IP address of the Windows Media Services web server.

Comments [2]

  1. After following your steps i get the following error when trying to access the web administrator page:
    The Windows Media Services service was unavailable. Check that it is installed on the specified computer.

    if I add the user to the local administrators or use the administrator account it works fine.

    the user can access WMS via MMS.

    MS kb842072 says specifically that non-admin web access is, by design, not allowed for non-admin users. Did you do anything else to allow the non-admin user access via the web?

  2. I too am having this problem. I have our IMS users who need to access this, but I certainly don’t want to give them administrator rights. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

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