Howto: export Groupwise File IDs (FID) to a text file

To dump a listing of your organization’s Groupwise user FIDs, run the following from a Netware server’s SYS:\PUBLIC directory:

nlist user=* show “NGW: File ID” >fids.txt /R /S


fids.txt is the name of the file to export to
/R = objects at [ROOT] context
/S = Objects throughout all subordinate contexts

[update November 21, 2008]

The above command only dumps Groupwise user FIDs. To dump Groupwise External Entity FIDs follow these instructions.

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  1. I used the same command in a DOS box on a Windows workstation running the Novell client, and it worked great. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a million. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to do it.

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