“Error -618 – The Server has detected an inconsistent database” when trying to view an eDirectory object’s properties in ConsoleOne

When trying to view a Groupwise Distribution List in ConsoleOne, I received the following error:
-618  The Server has detected an inconsistent database. Usually this means that the number of entries in a container does not match the number stored in the container’s entry
This message indicates an eDirectory problem.  To repair this object, I did the following:
1) Launched a web browser and logged into iMonitor on the master replica server at:


2) Browsed to and selected the problematic .allstaff.groupwise.corp Distribution List object
3) Clicked the monkey wrench icon to perform a single object repair
4) Selected repair single object –> Start repair
After performing these steps the -618 error persisted, so I logged into iMonitor on the eDirectory R/W replica at:
I performed steps 2-4 on the R/W replica and I was then able to view the Distribution List membership and verified C316 was listed as a member.  The -618 error was gone.

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