Fix: ConsoleOne error “GWIA Admin could not locate file exepath.cfg”

The ConsoleOne error “GWIA Admin could not locate file exepath.cfg” when editing the GWIA object is generally caused because ConsoleOne cannot find the gwia.cfg file.  

Exepath.cfg is usually found in the domain\wpgate\gwia directory on the GWIA server.  This simple file should only contain the path to directory where gwia.cfg is located.  On Netware servers, this location is typically the sys:\system directory, so the exepath.cfg contents usually look like:
On occasion I have seen this path use a mapped drive letter instead of the UNC path.  If you are experiencing this problem, replacing the drive letter mapping with the UNC path should fix this error.
Today I received this “GWIA Admin could not locate file exepath.cfg” error when I tried to access one of my GWIA objects from ConsoleOne 1.3.6f.  I just upgraded GWIA from version 6.5.5 to 7.0.3, so I suspected that conversion may have altered the exepath.cfg file.  But to my suprise, the file was identical to the pre-upgrade version.
I was finally able to resolve this problem by mapping a drive on the workstation running ConsoleOne to the GWIA object’s domain directory.  This mapping seems to help ConsoleOne find the exepath.cfg file, which tells it where to locate the gwia.cfg file.
Incidentally, if you are receiving this error on Linux, you may want to refer to:
TID 10095505: GWIA Admin could not locate file ‘exepath.cfg’  which suggests verifying the case of the paths are all lower case, since Linux is case sensitive.  
TID 3458009: Error: “Could not open EXEPATH.CFG” when attempting to view GWIA properties in ConsoleOne suggests ensuring the UNC path is typed in a Linux friendly format.

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