Howto: Use the “Use Trusted App” utility to verify trusted applications and their keys can login to Groupwise post offices

 Use Trusted App is a very handy tool that allows Groupwise administrators to verify that trusted applications can use their pre-defined keys to access Groupwise post offices and user mailboxes. 

Using this program is extremely simple:
1) Download and extract
2) Run UseTrusted.exe

3) Specify the following information:

– POA Address
– POA C/S port
– Trusted App name, as defined in ConsoleOne
– Trusted App’s Trusted Key
– Login Name of a user on the specified post office

Pressing Login will either return “Login Unsuccessful” or the full eDirectory name of the user if authentication succeeds.

This tool has helped me immensely since my upgrade from Groupwise 6.5.5 to 7.0.3, which caused our message archiving software to fail to access user mailboxes via IMAP. The vendor seems to believe the issue is with a incorrectly defined Trusted App, and this tool allowed me to show that mailbox access is possible using the key and their Trusted App.



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