Howto: Redirect Groupwise 6.5 url /servlet/webacc to Groupwise 7 URL /gw/webacc

Groupwise 6.5 WebAccess is accessed via http://yourserverDNSorIP/servlet/webacc, while Groupwise 7.0 WebAccess is accessed at http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc.  Here’s how to configure Apache to redirect the old WebAccess url to the updated one:

1) On the Netware server, edit sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.conf 

2) At the bottom of the file paste the following line:

redirect permanent /servlet/webacc http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc

replacing yourserverDNSorIP with your server’s DNS name or IP address

3) On the Netware console unload Apache by running


4) On the Netware console load Apache by running


If you access  http://yourserverDNSorIP/servlet/webacc with your web browser, you should now be redirected to http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc

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