Howto: Remotely disconnect a Terminal Services Session, Part 2

Previously I discussed two methods for remotely disconnecting a terminal server session.  Today I discovered another way do disconnect my Windows 2000 server from my Windows XP workstation.  Here’s how I did it:

1) Launch a command prompt

2) Authenticate to the server:
net use /user:administrator \\MyServer\c$

3) Type:
reset session 1 /server:MyServer

Start with session 1 and keep incrementing this number if you receive the message “session ID 1 not found”. You will not receive any notification when a session is successfully terminated, but you will receive a message if the session doesn’t exist.

Once a session has been freed you can logon to the terminal server as normal and kill any additional sessions through Terminal Services Manager.

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  1. Great tip thanks.

    I recently discovered this blog and it is now my new favorite.

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