Howto: Export Novell Netware users using LDAP

Right before leaving my previous job I was helping a school migrate from Novell Netware 6.5 to Microsoft Windows Server 2008.  They had many users they wanted to export from eDirectory and import into Active Directory.

To perform this task, I used the ldifde utility.  The single command I used to dump the users follows below.  Because of line wrapping, it may appear as multiple lines.

ldifde -f export.ldif -s -r “(|(objectClass=organizationalUnit)(objectClass=inetOrgPerson))” -p Subtree -l “o,ou,objectClass,member,cn,dn,description,uid,givenName,sn,fullName” -a “” *

Details on what this command is doing:

-f export.ldif  is the file I want the users dumped into

-s is the LDAP server to export the users from

-r specifies the LDAP search filter

-p is the search scope, the entire subtree in my case

-l  lists the attributes to search for

-a  Sets the command to run using the supplied user distinguished name and password

See KB 237677 for details on how to use ldifde.

Thanks to Brad for writing his post that helped me construct my LDAP query.

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