Accessing Netware iManager on Apache results in 503 error

Last Wednesday I updated one of my Netware 6.5.7 / Zenworks 7.0.1 servers, and rebooted it to make sure everything came us as expected.  Apache loaded fine, and when I went to http://serverIP, everything worked great.  But when I attempted to access iManager at  http://serverIP/nps/iManager.html, I received a 503 error from Apache.  The same results were observed when accessing the sites through https rather than http.

To fix this problem, I modified instructions posted by Baudizm.  You can find my comments enclosed in [ ]

On the server console I ran:

tc4stop   [stops Tomcat]

ap2webdn  [stops Apache]

java -exit  [stops Java]

pkidiag  [loads PKI diagnostic utility]

authenticate as admin equivalent user

[select pkidiag options] 4 – 5 – 6 – 0

tckeygen  [for LDAP]

tomcat4  [loads tomcat]

Ap2webup  [loads Apache web server]

After performing these steps, iManager loaded with no problem.

Additional Resources

TID 3377845 error 503 returned by applications that use Tomcat, is a good resource for fixing tomcat/tckeygen related problems.

TID 3640106, How to Use PKIDIAG to avoid issues while Installing Netware 6.5 goes into detail on how pkidiag works and how to troubleshoot vertificate problems.

TID 3234091 Tomcat4 does not load, talks about using Tckeygen to fix .keystore problems.

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