Ports to open on a firewall for SBS 2003 communication

Everytime I setup a Microsoft 2003 Small Business Server or troubleshoot connectivity problems to the SBS server I have to lookup the ports that are required to pass through a firewall for proper communication to occur with the various SBS components.  Since I’m tired of Googling for them, I’ve decided to post them here for my quick reference.  Hopefully others will find this helpful as well:

SBS firewall ports

SMTP – port 25 – email

http – port 80 – web server including wwwroot and server usage and performance reports

https – port 443 – secure web server.  Includes OWA and OMA

Windows SharePoint Services intranet site – port 444 for allowing users to securely access the intranet Web site created by SharePoint Services from the Internet

PPTP – port 1723 – VPN connections

Remote Web Workplace (RWW)  – ports 443 and 4125

Remote Desktop (RDP direct) – port 3389.  If using RDP through RWW this is not required.

Other SBS ports

POP3 – port 110

IMAP – port 143

IMAPs – port 993

FTP – port 21

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  1. If I remember correctly PPTP also requires IP protocol 47 (GRE)

  2. Thank you! I definitely find it helpful, as I have the same issue: I setup SBS servers fairly often and find myself googling the ports each time. I’ll remember this page for future reference. (really though, you’d think we’d have ’em memorized by now! 🙂 Eventually…

  3. Thank you.
    It’s been ages (2004) since I setup our server and last time I had to spend ages googling to find them all.
    This time you came up first on Google

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