Windows 2008/Exchange 2007 Event 4001: A transient failure has occurred. The problem may resolve itself in awhile. The service will retry in 56 seconds.

Today I was installing Exchange 2007 SP1 on an HP Proliant DL380 G5 server running Windows 2008 x64. After the installation and reboot, I kept receiving the following error in the Event log:

Event ID: 4001 Source: MSExchange System Attendant Mailbox

A transient failure has occurred. The problem may resolve itself in awhile. The service will retry in 56 seconds. Diagnostic information: Could not find any available Domain Controller.

I did exhaustive research and finally came across this thread, which suggested updating the Intel NC110T NIC drivers and disabling the checksum offload options on the server’s network card. I was already running the most recent version (9.10 dated February 25 2008) of the HP driver for the Intel NIC, but did disable all the checksum offload options.

Following a reboot all of my Event 4001 error messages disappeared. The local administrators are going to open a support case with HP to try to determine some type of resolution that does not require disabling the NIC’s checksum offload options.

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  1. I fixed this issue today myself… had to do with IPV6 being disabled, but it’s not disabled correctly.

    Go to the following key in the Windows 2008 Machine


    Create if there is not one a DWORD (32 Bit) entry with the following payload

    Dword Name = DisabledComponents

    Payload = ffffffff

    (that is 8 f’s)

    It will register as 0xffffffff as a hexidecimal value.

    Reboot. This resolved my issues with the Mailstore not coming online after disabling IPV6 in the network adapter.

    This can be used in Vista and Windows7

    1. Thx this article was worth is weight in Gold. This issue almost broke me.

  2. This is article is still valid!!!! It solved my issue that seemed to appear after applying a Microsoft Security Patch.

  3. Although I was seeing this event in my viewer I was experiencing different issues that led me to correct this 4001 problem. My original issue was with Outlook 2010 connecting to Exchange 2007. I could not connect to the mailbox server for some reason. Anyway, I have a Dell T105 server and I updated the NIC drivers (per your suggestion of updating the nic driver on your HP) and viola..!!! I could start making connections to the Exchange box and set up my profile without a problem…funny how some things can affect other processes… :o)

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