Groupwise Webaccess Loads, but Users Cannot See Webaccess Login Screen

Saturday I received a frantic call from the network administrator of a client.  Their Groupwise 7.0.2 system that runs on a Netware 6.5.7 server had suddenly become inaccessible from both the Internet and local network for Webaccess clients.  Users who used the full Groupwise client reported no issues.

The local admin had performed some troubleshooting prior to contacting me.  She had rebooted the server several times, confirmed Webaccess was loading, verified Webaccess was inaccessible from both the standard URL and IP based URL, i.e. and  She also verified there was nothing odd logged in the Webaccess log files. 

On the Netware server console I typed m ap* to see if the apache2.nlm was loaded.  The .nlm was not listed, so I typed ap2webup.ncf to try to load the Apache web server.  I did not receive an error about Apache not loading, and the logger screen did not show any errors, but when I typed m ap* again, Apache2.nlm was still not listed.

I was fairly certain this was an Apache, not Groupwise Webaccess problem, so I checked out the most recent error_log file in my Sys:\Apache2\logs folder, where I found the following message:

[Sat Apr 26 13:37:23 2008] [crit] (10022)Unknown error: make_secure_socket: for port 443, WSAIoctl: (SO_SSL_SET_SERVER) Configuration Failed

I did some searching and came across TID 3209228 Apache for Netware will NOT load any longer.  This article pointed to a certificate problem being the reason why Apache would not load.

I followed the TID’s advice and performed the following from the Netware server console:

  1. Load pkidiag.nlm
  2. Login as admin (or someone with appropriate rights to create certificates)
  3. Select options 4, 5, 6, 0
  4. run tckeygen.ncf
  5. Rebooted the server

Once the server restarted, Apache loaded succesfully, and the Groupwise Webaccess login screen was once again available for web clients.

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