Ninotech Path Copy – a free Shell extension to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard

Ninotech Path Copy is one of those free utilities I’ve just discovered recently, although it has been around for years. I found it on Novell’s Cool Tools web site, and it isn’t just for use in a Novell Netware environment. You can quickly install it into your Windows 95-Windows XP context menu, where it can copy file or folder paths to the Windows clipboard from any network resource.

You copy the path of a file or directory by right-clicking it in the Windows Explorer and choosing Copy Path from the context menu. The context menu then offers nine standard ways of copying the path, in addition to the user defined copying methods that you create yourself:

– Short Name: File/folder name converted to 8.3 characters
– Long Name: File/folder name
– Short Folder: Parent folder name converted to 8.3 characters
– Long Folder: Parent folder name
– Short Path: Full path name converted to 8.3 characters
– Long Path: Full path name
– Short UNC Path: Full UNC path name converted to 8.3 characters (only enabled in network environment)
– Long UNC Path: Full UNC path name (only enabled in network environment)
– Internet Path: Full UNC path name converted to Internet path (only enabled in network environment)
– Setup… Create your own copy methods for copying the path names.

Why would this be beneficial? As a network administrator, I often find myself browsing for resources in Network Neighborhood. All too often I need to copy the paths to files and folders housed on various network resources, and I need to convert the path to a different format.

Take a Novell Netware for example. When creating a desktop shortcut to a server based ConsoleOne installation, I may need to copy and paste the path to the ConsoleOne executable file found at z:\public\mgmt\consoleone\1.2\bin\consoleone.exe. Since Z:\ may be mapped differently based upon which account I’m logged into the network as, I should specify the UNC path to the .exe.

Rather than manually replacing z:\ with \\servername\volumename\, I can use Ninotech Path Copy to copy the entire UNC path to consoleone.exe, i.e.


This saves me keystrokes, and makes my job easier, especially since I am not the most accurate typist.

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  1. NinoTech PathCopy has stopped working since I put XP SP3 + IE7 on. 🙁

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