Identifying and Clearing Groupwise GWIA Queues of Corrupt Messages

When the Groupwise GWIA gateway has problems sending or receiving mail, it’s often the result of a corrupt message clogging up a queue. The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem and restore mail flow is often to down the GWIA and rename the queue folders.

To accomplish this on a Netware server you can stop the GWIA and MTA by pressing F7. Once they have unloaded, browse to the domain\wpgate\gwia directory and rename the following directories:

  • 000.PRC
  • SEND

Restarting the GWIA and MTA will recreate these folders. If mail starting flowing again, you can bet that the cause of the problem was a bad message in one of the renamed folders. Move a few messages at a time from the renamed folders to their corresponding new folder. The message flow should continue until you find the corrupt message, which is often the oldest message.

Once the corrupt message is identified, delete it or move it to a different location. This should allow mail flow to resume as expected.

For additional details, see TID 10075205, TID 10054298 and TID 10008353.

In a worst case scenario you may need to delete and reinstall GWIA per TID 3674238. Don’t forget to apply any applicable patches.

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