Howto: download a web browser from Windows when your web browser doesn’t work

Suppose your Windows machine has a broken Internet Explorer – How are you supposed to get online to download patches and utilities to fix the problem? Use the built-in Windows FTP tool to download Firefox from a mirror site!

This was found on the SANS Internet Storm Center web site:

To start FTP, click StartRun and type cmd to launch a command prompt

From the command prompt window, type the following commands:

User: anonymous
Password: {your email address}
cd /pub/
mget *.exe

(say yes to getting Firefox Setup


Now that you’re back to the command prompt, run this command, including the quotes as the file has spaces in the name:

"Firefox Setup"

Thanks to William Stearns for these instructions! As newer versions of Firefox are released, replace the version number of Firefox Setup executable file with the appropriate numbers.

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