Howto: Determine the version of eDirectory in SLES 10 SP1

To determine the version of eDirectory running on a SLES 10 SP1 server,  from a terminal window type:

ndsd –version


ndsrepair -T



The ndsstat utility displays information related to Novell eDirectory servers. The utility displays the eDirectory tree name, the fully distinguished server name, the eDirectory version, and the RootMostEntryDepth. The RootMostEntryDepth is the distance from the root of the tree to the rootmost entry of the server.

ndsstat usage

ndsstat [-h hostname[:port]] { -r -s } [–config-file ]

ndsstat options

-h hostname
Specifies the DNS name or IP address of the eDirectory server. If the hostname is not specified, ndsstat will take the current server name.

Lists all the partitions that have replicas stored in the eDirectory database. Displays a list of all servers that contain a replica of each of the partition known to the eDirectory database.

Lists all the servers know to the eDirectory database.

Specifies the location of the nds.conf configuration file.


ndsstat -h MyHost :2000

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