Determining Client Screen Resolution with Zenworks

Chris Graham has written a .vbs script that he uses with Zenworks to deploy applications to clients only if their screen resolution meets certain requirements.

This is very cool because we have some old educational software that will only run if the screen is set to 800 x 600 or lower. We had been running QRes to change the resolution every time the applications were launched, whether the change was needed or not, because we had no way of determining the client’s settings.

QRes is a good program, but we have noticed it does cause Windows XP to hang on occasion. We plan to use Chris’s script to determine if the screen resolution needs to be changed so hopefully we’ll run QRes only when necessary.

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  1. Julie,

    Have you looked at these other command-line tools like QRes which will change resolution of the screen?

    Have you looked at this other command-line tool like QRes which will also change resolution of the screen?

    Resolution Changer (ResChange) –

    I ended up using ResSwitch myself on a Vista (Home Premium) system to swap preferred display resolutions between two users who had different preferences….worked like a charm!

    Here is what may be a more useful link for QRes–direct from the developer’s site:

    ResSwitch & ResCopy v1.22 –


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