Howto: Enable Windows Vista UAC quiet mode

I love the idea of Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), but I hate Microsoft’s implementation of it. I was getting ready to deploy our first Vista Business lab and I found that when starting 75% of the lab’s software , the user would get the “Windows needs your permission to continue” prompts. I understand the reason behind the notification, but try explaining it to a lab full of second graders. They just want to click on their icon and have the program run as expected.

Fortunately, you can disable the permission prompts while keeping UAC enabled. The easiest way is to use TweakUAC, a free GUI program that can modify UAC behavior without accessing the registry. Mark wrote a nice article on using TweakUAC here.

If you want to manually edit the registry to modify the UAC prompting:




chang the values from their default of 2 to 0 to enable UAC quiet mode.

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