Howto: Reset Internet Explorer 7 to default settings using RIES

Ever since I installed’s Buttons for IE extension, I’ve had problems editing web pages that run scripts, like the editor I run this blog on!  I haven’t had problems with this extension on other computers I run IE7 on, so I figured something just must be corrupted with the installation.

I tried disabling the program in Tools – Manage Add-ons – Enable or Disable Add-ons, but that didn’t fix the problem.  Neither did repairing or uninstalling the program. I even tried disabling all of my IE add-ons and ActiveX controls.

I finally decided to run RIES, which is detailed in KB 923737.  RIES stands for Reset Internet Explorer Settings, which changes IE back to it’s default settings.

RIES restores the default settings of the following features:

• Home pages
• Search scopes
• Browsing history
• Form data
• Passwords
• Appearance settings
• Toolbars
• ActiveX controls

To run RIES from IE7, goto Tools – Internet Options – Advanced Tab and click on the reset button. If Internet Explorer can’t be started, you can access RIES from Internet Options in Control Panel.

Interestingly enough, RIES doesn’t remove add-ons, it only disables them, which I had already tried, yet running RIES fixed my problem.  Apparently I was premature in blaming my IE problems on the button add-on.  My only thought was somehow my security zone settings were causing my problems, but I guess we’ll never know now.

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