Howto: Elevate scripts, programs, and prompts to Administrator rights in Windows Vista

I’ve found myself trying to leave Windows Vista’s UAC enabled, but I’ve come across several programs that refuse to install until UAC is disabled. Before doing something as drastic as disabling UAC, try to use one of these methods to elevate scripts, programs, and prompts to run as Administrator.

The Script Elevation Power Toys for Vista is comprised of these main programs:

  • Elevate Command PowerToy
  • RunAs Administrator
  • CMD and Power Shell Here Prompt as Administrator

This post describes how to configure a Windows Vista command prompt window with elevated privileges permanently.

Randy has a .reg file you can download to “enable a “Command Prompt here” and “Elevated Command Prompt here” menu item when you right click on a drive or directory in Explorer”

This post describes creating a desktop shortcut to an elevated Command Prompt.

You can also disable UAC for administrators, while leaving it enabled for regular users.

If you need to perform an administrative function as Administrator, you must enable the account, which is disabled by default. To enable the Administrator account, run the following from an elevated command prompt:

net user administrator AdministratorPassword /active:yes

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