Fix for delay when printing documents in iPrint

I’ve been using various versions of the iPrint 4.x client on several of my networks, and always seem to get annoying delays when doing a File – Print. The job prints fine, it just takes a while for the OK box to appear (up to two minutes in extreme cases). Of course some users think the job failed or was never submitted, which results in help desk calls and people repeatedly clicking the print button.

TID 3611869 states that the iPrint client 4.30 fixes this issue. The cause appears to be the way IPP: attempts to resolve on the network. I’ll deploy the new client to a test group of users next week, and I’ll report back if any differences, good or bad, are noticed.

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  1. Hello,

    I had this problem as well with some of the locations I take care of. What really seemed to work for me was to limit the length of the printer names. At two separate locations people had set printers up with semi-long names and some had spaces. Whenever users tried to print through an app that used explorer to resolve the printers it would take up to 45 seconds for the dialog to appear. I noticed when troubleshooting this issue that if I printed through FireFox the printer came up right away. When researching the issue I came across some articles that pointed out that this really became a problem after Xp sp2 and that is where I did notice it happening if I loaded a machine that only had Xp sp1 it worked fine. I renamed the printers so they did not contain spaces and were not to long but still descriptive and it took 2 seconds for the dialog to come up. Hope this helps.

  2. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for interesting stuff that can help me. Thank you

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