Howto: Deploy the Groupwise Client 7 using Zenworks

Beginning with Groupwise 6 SP1 I deployed the Groupwise client using the .aot files included with the client setup program . Starting with Groupwise 7 you’ll need to deploy the client via Zenworks using .msi files.

First, copy the client directory to a network share where users have at least read and file scan rights.

Next use the Groupwise Tuner utility (found in the \admin\utility\gwtuner directory) to customize the installation for your environment. This utility will create a groupwise.mst file in network \client\win32 directory.

Once your .mst file has been created, from ConsoleOne create a new application object for a application that has an .MSI file

Create application with .msi

Enter the path to the groupwise.msi file on the network. I personally always use UNC mappings

Path to Groupwise .msi file

Give the new object a meaningful name

GW NAL Object Name

Add any availability rules

GW NAL rules

Create user/computer associations

GW NAL associations

Once the object is created, right click your new Application object, and select properties. Navigate to the msi – transforms tab, select add, and enter the path to the .mst file created by the Groupwise Tuner utility.

If Groupwise will be used by more than one user per machine, include the ALLUSERS=1 value on the msi – properties tab.

GW NAL allusers value

You should now be able to deploy the Groupwise 7 client using Zenworks.

For more information on the deployment process, see TID3492700. Note that this document says that you must deploy isscript1050.msi with the client installation, but that was not the case for me with the 7.0.2 hot patch 1a client installation.

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