What to do before a Netware NLM won’t unload

I’ve been troubleshooting a problem all day where only one user won’t get her Netware login script drive mappings, or they will map, but she’ll lose them within half an hour or so. But of course this is an intermittent problem.

This problem doesn’t affect any other users in her OU, and the problem follows her from machine to machine, so I’m thinking something is messed up in eDirectory. I went to run a dsrepair on her local server, and it experienced and critical error and hung. I tried to manually unload ds.nlm from the console, but the server just says

DSREPAIR-5.0-038: Process is busy, waiting to unload…

So now I’ve lost access to the Netware console, and of course I am nowhere close to where the server is physically located (using RconJ) and nobody has the key to the locked cabinet the server is in.

If I had been smart, I would have entered the following line into the server’s startup.ncf file:


where 60 number of seconds to wait for an unresponsive .nlm to respond before prompting to unload the .nlm. Supported value are 0 seconds to 1 minute 58.3 (?) seconds, with the default value of 30 seconds.

I think I’ll go add this to the startup.ncf files of the other Netware servers while I wait for someone to go find the keys to the cabinet.

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  1. This set only applies to nlms that are loaded in protected memory space

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